There are a few things that I have learned from working in construction. One of the key lessons is this: unless a person is a reputable general contractor with loads of projects and good references to show for them, be very skeptical towards working with the-jack-of-all-trades-type of guys.

(As a side-note, GC’s delegate work to specialized pro’s, they don’t perform everything.)

This usually means that they weren’t good enough to maintain employment within one sphere/discipline and tried jumping around to find work elsewhere. …

Doug is looking for a job. He has just graduated with a liberal arts degree from a decent university, and realizes that he has developed no tangible skills that could be translated into value. Having considerable student debts and high-demanding parents, he is pressured into finding a job. On the cusp of desperation, he suddenly gets a phone call from his uncle who is a framer, asking him for help. Of course Doug has no skills that could help his uncle. But with the shortage of labour in construction, and pennies on the dollar that the uncle could be paying…

Kingston, Queen’s .

In 2019, Queen’s university accepted 25,260 students.
It had total of 9,571 individuals working as faculty and staff members.
In addition to Queen’s, Kingston also has two other school’s — St. Lawrence College, and Royal Military College of Canada. But let’s just focus on Queen’s here.

It has 16 buildings on campus and one in construction opening in September 2022. The largest of the buildings — Victoria Hall — houses 900 students. The smallest — Graduate Residence — houses 80. All-together (with my rough estimate) Queen’s provide’s residence for 4,512 students.

Out of Queen’s students, 11.9% for undergraduate and 27.4%

There is a difference between an entrepreneur and a business man.

An entrepreneur is someone who creates value through creating businesses.

Businesses do one of the following 3 things:

1. Understand what customer wants, but does not realize it yet, and offer it at scale (invention).

2. Solves a certain type of problem. (Usually the problem that the entrepreneur aims to solve is not clear and obvious, and is affecting the entrepreneur. Once the customer experiences the solution, it is hard to imagine doing the previously performed task without it.)

3. Optimizes current ways of manufacturing and/or delivering current products or services. (The bench mark that you want…

A room-full of young executives from a construction-material company have gathered at a conference room for a presentation. The presenter shortly stood up and showed them the following slide:

The presenter asked the young executives if it was their job to sell these drills. The executives responded, saying that indeed it is their job to sell them. The presenter disagreed with them, and showed them the next slide:

“What important truth do you believe, which few people agree with you on?”

What is similar between a crazy person and an entrepreneur? They both see something that is not there.

The audacity and ignorance to believe that you, with only a small group of people, can change the world, and disrupt billion dollar industries, is crazy.

If you want to achieve something great, you must act in a different way from everyone else, and if you want to act different, the first step is to think different. To think for yourself.

To be a contrarian is to think for…

Crash course on NFT’s & their potential.

Back when I was around 8 years old, in Ukraine they released these cool TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) cards. I was hooked in right away since I loved Ninja Turtles. The cards were divided into 4 different categories. 1- Common, 2- Rare, 3- Super Rare, 4- Ultra rare. From collecting these cards I learned how valuable collectibles can become.

Every day at recess the whole school had their own TMNT Cards Market place. Lunches would get exchanged, kids would go hungry for a card, money was traded, favours were granted, yelling was…

The next wave of new un-conventional jobs being born from blockchain technology.

What do the following professions have in common?

  • Self-Autonomous Cars Engineer
  • App Developer
  • Social Media Content Manager
  • Youtuber content creator
  • Large Data Analyst

Sure they all have a high earning power if you really know what you are doing. But also these careers DID NOT EXIST 15 years ago.

There was no set curriculum, no courses, no clear path to achieving these types of careers. Imagine being an early mover in these industries. The amount of value you could have captured would be immense!

But don’t feel like your opportunity to jump on the ‘career’s that…

The ultimate hitch-hikers guide to understanding technologies which enable cryptocurrencies and blockchain’s to exist.

Country — so much meaning and interpretation

When you say ‘country’, lot’s of things could come into your mind. One could be the people living within it and the culture of those people, other factors you might consider could be the economy which it is running on, the law’s that are written and obeyed, the government which is in place, the history of it being created, the education is provides. More, more and more. The point is the word ‘country’ is a very juicy and rich word. With so much meaning and application…

It is everywhere, every one seems to be doing it. It’s getting that sex appeal for some reason. It is Entrepreneurship.

Upon attending a tech/entrepreneurship conferences I could not help but notice that EVERYONE seems to be a founder/CEO. During the panel discussion on the stage it is so common to see that label under a name. Either that or some venture fund that they are a part of.

Volodymyr Gryga

Just trying to figure everything out.

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