Doug is looking for a job. He has just graduated with a liberal arts degree from a decent university, and realizes that he has developed no tangible skills that could be translated into value. Having considerable student debts and high-demanding parents, he is pressured into finding a job. On the…

A room-full of young executives from a construction-material company have gathered at a conference room for a presentation. The presenter shortly stood up and showed them the following slide:

The presenter asked the young executives if it was their job to sell these drills. The executives responded, saying that indeed…

“What important truth do you believe, which few people agree with you on?”

What is similar between a crazy person and an entrepreneur? They both see something that is not there.

The audacity and ignorance to believe that you, with only a small group of people, can change the world…

The ultimate hitch-hikers guide to understanding technologies which enable cryptocurrencies and blockchain’s to exist.

Country — so much meaning and interpretation

When you say ‘country’, lot’s of things could come into your mind. One could be the people living within it and the culture of those people, other factors you might consider could be the economy which…

Volodymyr Gryga

Just trying to figure everything out.

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